PUI háttér


Please let me to greet you in the representation of Papcsák Lawyer’s office. The legal predecessor of Papcsák Lawyer’s office began functioning in Solymár, on the 01st of February 1996 as an individual lawyer’s office.

In 2008 regarding to the changes of the Office the Papcsák Lawyer’s Office (Papcsák Ügyvédi Iroda) was founded, then, in the beginning of 2009 the Papcsák Lawyer’s Office Partnership was brought into being by us, our partners and associate members with the aim of a more efficient, much clearer organisation and establishing a flexible working-organisation for our present and prospective customers.

Our clientele belong to diverse areas of the economic life, domestic and foreign country organisations, companies from various business areas. Through our business while solving the entrusted task, we take into consideration our customer’s expectation as much as possible and of course the necessary professional team is ensured who naturally have the necessary acknowledged experience in law and in other professional areas.

Our colleagues involved in the solution of the tasks have the highest level of vocational knowledge of the given area. For the sake of the precise labour our Lawyer’s Office continuously ensures the necessary conditions for professional development and specialisation together with the attendance of vocational courses which considerably helps to fulfil the tasks of our Lawyer’s Office and the even tighter co-operation with our partners.

The aim of our Lawyer’s Office is to ensure a continuous legal assistance for our partners’ operation, and to offer a comprehensive help with standing by our Customers’ side in solving their legal or economic problems.

Thank You for Your visit,
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Papcsák Ferenc
leader lawyer